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financial donations

there are many ways your donation will benefit global women intact. one of our main objectives is to educate the general public about the global practice of female genital mutilation and its effects (physically, culturally, as well as emotionally), on women worldwide. your donation will contribute to the educational materials sent to african villages or the education events that take place in the united states.

all contributions are fully tax deductible.

annual fundraising event

our annual international clitoris celebration is a special fundraising event for donors. each year we dedicate the event to raising money for specific causes. this year, the benefit's cause is to raise funds for refugee women and children within the borders of liberia, sierra leone, and guinea, west africa. thousands of women in sierra leone, traumatized and made vulnerable by a decade of civil war, are challenged to create a new life alone. the following article is excerpted from the us committee for refugees' web site:

"during sierra leone's decade-long civil war, sierra leonean women faced particular brutality. the civil conflict left tens of thousands dead and forced more than one million sierra leoneans to flee their homes. today, thousands of traumatized refugee women and girls face extraordinary hurdles as they seek to return home and rebuild their lives. many now face the uncertainty of life, without the support of extended families, returning to a country destroyed by war, where their rights are not guaranteed and where crimes against women continue at a high rate."

other fundraising events

our fundraising events also benefit global women intact's goal to end female circumcision through education, information, and alternative forms of initiation ceremonies. please check our calendar. what lies ahead each year is a chance to eat authentic african food, to hear authentic african music, and to buy authentic african clothing designed by women from different parts of africa, including senegal, liberia, guinea, the ivory coast, gambia, etc.

donate your time & volunteer!

global women intact needs volunteers to help at our little theater on wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday @8pm and 9:30pm. help is needed taking tickets at the theater door and ushering. all volunteers will receive a free ticket to the performance. to sign up, please contact us.

volunteer gynecologists for circumcised women
we at global women intact believe that someone who has been circumcised should have a good gynecologist -- a gynecologist with experience and who is culturally sensitive. we encourage making services accessible to circumcised women in the bay area. if you can help, contact us for doctors information.