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global women intact

education & programs in africa

global women intact utilizes three programmatic approaches to reduce female genital cutting in africa: educational, economic, and public awareness.  the organization addresses the basic needs that contribute to the practice by assisting women and girls to make easier transitions.  by providing actual educational opportunities and financial resources, global women intact helps women to end their roles in "circumcising" other females and shift to more positive revenue resources.

global women intact refrains from condemning practitioners by respecting their cultural heritage and offering them new alternatives. by addressing the economic factors that contribute to female genital cutting, global women intact enables women to lead more fulfilling lives and healthier roles in their communities.

     * providing educational opportunity: because education is so critical to ending female genital cutting, global women intact provides academic scholarships and grants that assist girls (grades 1 to12) in their education.  global women intact encourages both parents and youth to complete the education of girls and to increase their value of female educational development. more...

     * teaching "clitoris 101" in the classroom: in africa, global women intact provides educational resources as a part of sex education. to eventually eliminate female genital cutting, global women intact focuses attention on the upcoming generation of african boys and girls.  by developing the curricula, clitoris 101, as part of sex education in schools, both girls and boys learn about themselves and each other, strengthening their feelings of intrinsic human value.  last year, global women intact visited schools in monrovia, liberia, and senegal.

    * creating community tools for workshops: global women intact equips organizations in africa to help end female genital cutting by providing outreach and educational materials.  global women intact ships materials to regions where cutting is still practiced to help organizations conduct workshops. global women intact also conducts community discussion groups in these target regions.  last year, the organization assisted fifty (50) organizations from different parts of the world asking for help. more...

     * promoting economic empowerment: african women who need circumcision fees as a buffer against poverty need assistance to develop other income sources. global women intact helps them to make this transition through an interest-free, micro-lending program. additionally, global women intact operates the village women empowerment program which helps them to sell their handmade goods via store placement and e-commerce globally.