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education u.s.!

while global women intact implements numerous programs in africa, it is important to increase public awareness and provide educational resources in the united states as well. specifically, global women intact educates the public through its performance program in addition to its ongoing dance and drum program.

dance & drum education program

in addition to the san francisco african dance & drum festival, global women intact conducts weekly dance and drum classes at the african american art & culture complex in san francisco, california.

the classes are practical studio courses with the opportunity to study west african cultural performance practices and processes with native instructors and drummers. cultural value systems impact very powerfully in art making.  therefore, this opportunity can provide an occasion to reflect and recognize these powerful systems at play in our own traditions as well cross-culturally.

the africanist aesthetic is rich and the embodied practices of the professional moves are unique and elaborate. there are numerous occasions to be a participant/observer at these class celebrations and ceremonies that blend cultures.

classes are provided for all levels.

class location:
african american arts & culture complex
third floor studio
762 fulton street (at webster st.)

san francisco, ca 94102

contact for class times

san francisco african dance & drum festival

global women intact is also the proud producer of the san francisco african dance and drum festival. since its inception in 2004, the festival has been a chief education tool by bringing some of the best renowned national and international dancers and drummers to the bay area. the festival is a key cultural and educational experience in traditional african dance and drumming for california.

the festival consists of five wonderful days of traditional african dance, drumming, and songs, with master dancers and drummers from senegal, liberia mali, guinea, and gambia. it profiles different styles of drumming and dancing of sabar, djembe, and kutiro, and congolese styles of dance and drum as well.