global women intact


global women intact

performing to produce change...

global women intact conducts an extensive performance program that utilizes the stage to increase public awareness about issues impacting women and girls, and female genital
cutting (fgc). through the medium of performance, artists present on challenging issues with a comedic overtone that helps americans to understand cross-cultural dynamics and their impact and involvement in international policy.

theatrical performance
executive & artistic director sia amma performs a series of one woman shows that highlight many of the issues affecting african girls and women. growing up in a small town between the boundaries of liberia, sierra leone, and guinea, she offers a fresh and unique presentation of her work as an african immigrant in the united states and as an activist on behalf of her community of origin. 
while integrating a western perspective, amma is one of the first innovators to utilize the mediums of performance and comedy to specifically address the brutal methods and public policies impacting female genital cutting.

the global women intact performance program encourages emerging artists to address controversial issues and provides a small theatrical space (our little theater) for their showcase.  artists can use a multi-disciplinary or traditional approach to theater or music.

dance & drum performance
global women intact also trains and encourages artists in african drum and dance performance to conduct rites of passage through the arts. the san francisco african dance & drum festival is designed to increase understanding while also demonstrating alternatives that meet the need for cultural transfer.  in this way, global women intact is an innovator!

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