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global women intact

press room

global women intact would be happy to forward a press kit to any members of the press for events and festivals. please contact us directly.

press quotes

"empowering, provocative, and hilarious"
- off broadway show

" the same audience that is stunned by vivid accounts of her story roars with laughter as she quips about cultural divides."

-ms. magazine

"the show seemed to welcome women and men, gay and straight, black and white, young and old. what an accomplishment! you set such a tone of healing and courage."
- dr. sheila katz

"join in the chorus of laughter."
- the san francisco chronicle

"the show is amazing, powerful, joyous, tragic, uplifting, and inclusive."
- mr. peterson manetti

"the catalyst for healing and empowerment"
- santa cruz good times

"while female circumcision is no laughing matter in itself, sia amma finds an improbable amount of humor as she dishes up her life story with impeccable comic timing."
-urban view

"sia amma turns her tale of tragedy into a startling and provocative comedy show."

"an outrageous comedy show."
-santa cruz good times

" with a vibrant, no-nonsense-style delivery (seasoned with occasional
expletives for emphasis) american and african lifestyles."
-alice magazine