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scholarship fund for africa

because education is so critical to ending female genital cutting, global women intact provides academic scholarships that assist girls (grades 1 to12) in their education.  global women intact encourages both parents and youth to complete the education of girls and to increase their value of female educational development.

global women intact has awarded scholarships to girls in three villages in west africa since 2004.  over these years, global women intact has granted over $10,000 in scholarships. in the coming years, this amount is targeted to increase to $30,000  per year. with donor support, the agency will meet this goal to provide more scholarships in 2011 to increase educational opportunities worldwide.

global women intact makes scholarships available to women and girls (through charitable organizations) to provide alternative means to female circumcision worldwide.  scholarships are available to girls whose parents can't afford to pay for their school fees.  educational scholarships are made available to secondary school girls annually.

all scholarship recipients are selected according to the following guidelines:

scholarship guidelines

all candidates must submit a legible or type-written one page proposal clearly stating (1) how your organization would utilize a $500 scholarship; (2) how such aid would benefit the female gender in your community; (3) and, how the aid will help end female circumcision worldwide.

note: no individuals will be rewarded monies; all recipients are connected to an organizational bank account with a stated mission and history of educating and assisting in the betterment of women.

mail documentation to:

global women intact
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