global women intact


global women intact

shows on stage!

global women intact produces numerous performances at our little theater and other venues to support its mission. listed below are ongoing performance venues.  please check the calendar for upcoming dates:

"multicultural stand up comedy festival"
more than ten comics converge stage in san francisco for one night to create tons of laughter. participating comics represent different nationalities and countries from around the world, including africa, india, trinidad and new jersey (that's right, new jersey). many of the comics were born in the united states, some of the comics grew up in foreign countries, and almost all of them provide excellent comic representation as african-americans, mexican-americans, asian-americans, and other cultural backgrounds.

"a-list comedy showcase"
the little comedy club features bay area’s hottest stand up comics. ... the club is a unique venue for headliners and up and coming comics.

sia amma one woman shows:

clitoris celebration "think outside the box"
clitoris celebration is an enlightening production that combines humor and education in an effort to bring celebration and attention to the parts of the female sexual anatomy that have been theatrically neglected, and ignored, in the past.

in search of my clitoris
in search of my clitoris, a one-woman show, is a clever combination of stand-up comedy and theater that is funny, playful and wise. performed by comedienne sia amma, who has courageously and hilariously devised a comedy act to empower and educate the general public on female circumcision, she calls attention to that part of a woman's body that has been subjected to cutting.

uncle sam's children in africa
sia amma is out of africa. she grew up in a small town between the boundaries of liberia, sierra leone and guinea in west africa. she remembers walking through town as a child, seeing family members, beautiful buildings and children laughing in the streets. in the market, mandinka women sold ceremonial white cloth. twenty years later, when she returned following the civil war, that was all gone. the entire town had vanished. amma is a stand-up comedian, dancer and actress who is best known for making fun of african and american cultures, relationships, life experiences, sexuality and, of course, herself.

what mama said about "down there"
hairy palms, blindness, trips to hell: adults will tell children any number of messed-up lies to keep them in line, especially when it comes to sex. liberian comedian sia amma's new play what mama said about "down there" investigates the largely misguided tales mothers share with daughters. the one-woman show's many characters reveal that it's difficult for moms to talk to their girls about the facts of life no matter who (or where) they are. as much as daughters must think their mothers have trouble loosening up and telling the truth because they're african, british, jewish, latina, asian, or of any other culture (amma includes "lesbian" and "valley girl" on the list), it turns out that everyone's doing it, as the kids say.