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global women intact needs your support to continue our efforts in africa!

dear friend,

as you may already know, global women intact is a 503(c)3 organization dedicated to education, negotiation and ultimately the elimination of female circumcision, a form of genital mutilation still practiced as a rite of passage for young girls reaching adulthood in some african countries.

as a non-profit organization, the continued mission of global women intact solely depends on the procurement of grant funding, individual donations, and the dedication of our volunteers. with the current state of the economy, securing donations for worthy non-profit organizations such as global women intact is more difficult than ever.

we're writing this message to let you know that global women intact appreciates any and all assistance we receive, either through funding or volunteer support to allow us to continue traveling to africa for the purpose of educating women about the serious health concerns, and mutilation which occur as a result of female circumcision. in addition, our efforts include negotiations with community leaders to assist in establishing alternative and harmless symbolic traditions to replace the barbaric practice of female circumcision.

below you will find various opportunities for supporting global women intact. each and every contribution, whether monetary or through volunteer time, is greatly appreciated and will be put to work in fulfilling our mission.

general support opportunities

support opportunities through our san francisco theatre

located in the heart of san francisco, our 30-seat comedy theater is an intimate space located in the historic union square district where we host and perform live stand-up comedy showcases. if you're in the san francisco bay area, we invite you to attend any of our shows in support of our organization. we are proud to present some of the finest rising stars, as well as the bay area's funniest and hottest standup comedians seen on comedy central, stand up live & london weekend television.

  • bring co-workers to celebrate birthdays with us.
  • meet up with friends for a relaxing evening and a good laugh.
  • get a free t-shirt
  • receive free tickets by mail for upcoming comedy shows.
  • enjoy an affordable night out!

show times:
tuesday- 8pm
wednesday- 8pm
friday- 10pm
saturday- 8pm and 10pm

tickets: $10

what mama said about 'down there'
this hilariously entertaining and educational show is filled with amusing bits and pieces of comedy as well as insightful information. expect excitement and laughter during this incredibly affordable date for couples, a girls' night out, or a fun time with family members.

this performance contains surprises, including what other countries call ‘down there', plus funny and perceptive observations from moms and dads. prepare to get well-equipped with the region, while you experience this great opportunity for a finally honest conversation about 'down there'. you'll fall down laughing, and perhaps shed a tear during this thought-provoking show. all proceeds to benefit global women intact.

thursday 8pm
friday 8pm
sunday 8pm

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