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thanks to our supporters


we, at global women intact, would like to thank our supporters as our programs would not be possible with contributions from you!  


thanks to participating individuals, organizations, and universities who donated funds, services, and time to global women intact. we are thrilled to have you as honorable contributors to our organization:


special thanks


we thank supervisor ross mirkarimi, district 5 of san francisco, for his invaluable contributions at the "international clitoris day celebration" in san francisco. we wish you continued success in your field of endeavor.


on november 11, 2005, when youssou n’dour, one of african music’s most appealing musicians in the world, performed at zellerbach hall in berkeley, california. global women intact staged a sabar party (tanebeer) for him, featuring the most fabulous drummers from senegal and the bay area’s well-known dj omar. on behalf of global women intact, we sincerely thank youssou n’dour for coming to the after-performance party at shattuck down low in berkeley. we look forward to welcoming him again to the bay area.


global women intact would like to thank greg archer, nancy redwine, hiya swanhuyser, and tom w. kelly for reviewing our shows this year. through your reviews, we were able to generate and send more than $500 to support and assist women and girls in ending female circumcision within the borders of liberia, sierra leone, and guinea. we were also able to provide uniforms, books, pencils, and other supplies to girls in order to enable them to get an education. we want to thank you as individuals who dedicated your time in supporting us and by exploring the bond that unites all people. we wish you continued success in your fields of endeavor, and hope you continue to support our organization to make a difference in the lives of women and girls and children around the world.


more special thanks to:

the zellerbach family foundation

the zellerbach family foundation" for funding "the san francisco african dance and drum festival," a three days poignant, entertaining, and educational performances by master dancers and drummers from senegal, mali, guinea, and gambia. join us for another event this year.


the staff of the san francisco chronicle

stanford university

  • stanford african students association' history

san jose state university

  • peer health education program
  • coordinator idelle fraser
  • coordinator of health education department, dr. oscar battle, jr.
  • ethnic and cultural health team, women's resource center
  • mosaic multicultural center especially cory kraaii

wesleyan university

  • the cunt club
  • weswell and the office of the dean

san francisco state university, the women's center association

sportslights theater for donating their theater

mills college

the julia morgan center for the arts

the center for african and african american art and culture

ms. magazine

thank you!