global women intact


our little theater

located in the heart of san francisco’s downtown theater district, our littler theater is an intimate, 30-seat theater, three blocks from the historic union square. the facility is a wonderful venue to showcase emerging artists and provide a stage for some of san fracisco's freshest talents.

under the leadership of executive director sia amma, the mission of our little theater is to give voice to performance artists, playwrights, comedians, musicians, and various artists who wish to increase awareness on issues impacting women and the mission of global women intact.


our little theater engages audiences in professional productions that speak to contemporary issues with originality, wit, exploration and controversy. for 5 years, our little theater has contributed to the inventiveness and relevance of international issues which passionately come together on the floor of american theater.

when in the bay area, please visit
our little theater  and  our little comedy club  to see a shows in support of our organization.  check our calendar for show times.



our little theater

287 ellis street (at mason) behind the hilton hotel

san francisco, ca  94102

our little theater is surrounded by san francisco's historic cable cars, hotels, restaurants, bart, and muni.  


phone: (415) 820-3250


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